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1923 Ford Model T Fruitwagon

The main reason for building this model was the fact that the original '23 Fruitwagon from AMT was (and still is) a rare kit. So I decided to build my own version just in case I couldn't get my hands on the original AMT kit.

I started with a badly built 1923 Delivery Van. The rear side panels were removed and the fruitwagon parts (fruit stand floor, rear panel and panel behind the driver) were added using 1mm plastic.
The fruit stand was constructed from wood.
The scales are a ready bought item but altered to fit in the space under the fruit stand. A few weights were made from plastic spare material and needle pins. Very small stuff...
The three 'canvas' curtains and the curved reinforcements you see on the rear vertical struts are spare parts from a Depot Hack kit which was built as an Express Wagon. And most of the fruit (the red, green, yellow, and orange) are the glass heads of needles.
The 'MacDonald's Fruit' signs were designed by me and printed on glossy paper using a high quality color laser printer.

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