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1921-1925 Ford Model T Chassis

The problem with building model cars is that all the chassis and engine details are always hidden behind body parts. So I decided to built a chassis only. As usual I started with some research to find out how the actual T chassis looked like. That proved not to be as easy as I thought. Allthough there are lot of pictures of the T models, there are surprisingly few pictures showing just the chassis. Not to mention things like information about the wiring diagram, gasoline tank and other small things.
But eventually I managed to find all the information I needed and here is the result. The base for the chassis was an ordinary AMT Ford Model T kit but I added:
- the brake pull rod on both sides (very thin plastic rods)
- the gasoline tank with fuel line and sediment bowl (scrap built from plastic and brass parts)
- the spark plug wiring (made from a wire from an electric cable)
- the ignition wiring (a small electric cable with 4 wires, painted green, blue, red and black)
- and a horn on the left side of the engine.

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