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1920 Ford Model T Railcar

It all started when someone posted the B/W picture of a Model T Railcar on the Hobby Heaven message board and ofcourse I couldn't resist ;-)
Well, here it is: the 1920 Ford Model T Railcar.
I used the standard chassis and radiator from an AMT 1925 Roadster kit and the spare engine hood from a '23 Delivery. For the body I used the the front door and window section from the roadster body.
For the rear part of the body I used another spare roadster body and added a section in the middle with 1mm plastic. The roadster doors on the rear section didn't have the correct shape so I removed the outlines and made new outlines with the correct shape.
The front window frame was scrap made.
The wheels are from a 1923 Budweiser kit and after tinkering around with them for some time I got it finally right. I removed all the spokes, added the wheel tread and flange, a solid center and glued the center parts of the old wheel back in place. The tread was covered with BMF.
The top was a difficult part. I had spare tops from the 1927 T Touring, but these were too short and the shape was all wrong. I constructed the new top by cutting both touring tops in half, slightly more than that to get the right lenght, and managed to get the shape right with some plastic putty. And ofcourse I added all the other little pieces, mostly scrap made.
The whole car was painted flat black and received a nice coat of railway dust.
The two electric lamps (I guess they are lamps...) on the left and right below the windshield are missing on the first pictures. I couldn't get the right size of lamps, but found a nice pair a week later. I should have waited with the pictures until the car was ready, but I finished the diorama yesterday and I was rather anxious to see how the pictures would look with the railcar. New pictures with lamps at the bottom of the page.

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