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1919 Ford Model TT Furniture Van

I was looking for a special Dutch Ford Model T for my 1/25 scale Ford Model T collection and found a nice example in a book about the history of my town, a 1919 Ford Model TT with a special bodywork made by a local carpenter. The car was used by a furniture shop ('Meubileering Zandbergen' = 'Furniture Zandbergen'). The original picture was very small so I tried to figure out how I could get a better picture.

I was surprised when one of my older friends told me that the one of the owners of the shop, Mr. Jaap Zandbergen, was still alive. I found his phone number and asked him about some details. Surprisingly enough he told me that he still had the original picture, it was actually a kind of postcard, and asked me if I would be interested to have the picture on loan for a few days. Well, ofcourse I was. So I asked him if I could pick it up. I figured that on his age, he is probably 91 years old, he wouldn't jump in his car to bring me the picture.
But Mr. Zandbergen declined that offer, asked me were I lived and, as if it was the most normal thing to do for a man of his age, said that he would ump on his bike and bring me the picture
Hang on, what did he say, on his bike??
Well, one hour later the doorbell rang and yes, old Mr. Zandbergen had arrived on his bike. Talking about old fashioned service! A bit scary though considering his age...

Ofcourse I was pleased with the original picture, but it was not in a very good condition. Not really bad, but with hundreds of small scratches, white spots, black spots and so on. So I decided to restore the picture to get a good and clear picture for my model. You can see the result in the 1919 Ford Model T Furniture Van.jpg.
Ofcourse I made a super glossy print on A4 format of the restored picture for Mr. Zandbergen and needless to say that he was very, very pleased with the result.

BTW, Mr. Zandbergen told me that the car was used in the weekends for family business and for that purpose two wooden benches could be installed in the rear section. How about that, in 1919 we already had a MPV in our town! What's new...

The luggage/cargo rack of the Ford Model TT Furniture Van was a heck of a job to get finished, but I think I got it right.
A total of 26 red copper and brass parts had to be soldered together. I really don't like jobs like that, but it's one of those things you just have do to.
The straight parts were not too difficult, but I had a lot of problems to get the curved parts right.

I managed to get all the doors working. Not one of the easiest things to do. For the hinges I had to drill 0.4 mm holes in 1mm plastic. And that's a hole in the length of 1mm plastic. Tricky business...
I also managed to get real sliding windows on the right and left side of the drivers cabin. And the little window on the separation wall behind the driver is also functional. It can slide too. Neat details, but it does take a lot of manufacturing time.
The amount of parts I used for this part of the car, the main section, is staggering.
I used:
- 295 wood parts
- 12 clear plastic parts
- 186 white plastic parts
- 33 copper/brass/misc. parts
When I include the parts for the chassis and engine (31), this little 1/24 kit has 557 parts.

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