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1915 Ford Model T Center Door

This is the 1915 Ford Model T Center Door kit from from Aardvark Models ( from the Aardvark Models range. The body includes various  parts, like the correct doorhandles, lamps, body, fender assembly, radiator, engine hood and the seats. To finish the model, an AMT/ERTL '23 or '25 Model T roadster kit is required.
There were no major problems building the kit, but I changed a few things.
The small resin front window frame was removed and, like I did with the 1920 Centerdoor, replaced with another frame made from L-shaped brass. The radiator received a nice radiator cap made from brass and plastic and I attached the missing side mounts, topped of with a bolt from Grandt Line. On top of the front fenders I placed the 3 missing bolts (.043 rivets from Grandt Line) for the  fender braces/headlamp mounts.
The lenses on the two smaller lamps at the front and the rear lamp were made from polished clear and red plastic.

The brass paint on the radiator looks a bit like a matte finish, but I couldn’t get a high gloss finish. And with no spare parts left I couldn’t risk loosing the part due to too much experiments. Maybe I should find someone who does brass plating?

Finally I had to make a proper headlamp mount as the headlamps are mounted in the fender braces. It took some time to get them right using tiny pieces of plastic, but eventually I managed.

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