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 Howdy, I'm a new user here. How do I set up my account subscription for time-lapse? I don't want montion activation, just a frame every minute or so, stitched together in a time-lapse stream for a construction project.

4/26/2017 3:09:15 PM

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Subject: Re:time lapse

 Thanks for reaching out to us VillaAcademy, and welcome to CameraFTP. 

Our software/platform was really built for the surveillance/monitoring space more than it was for providing a timelapse overview service, so there really is no default option to select a time lapse subscription. Since you are not working on a motion-only setup, you would need to purchase the continuous recording subscription on CameraFTP and then choose a lower frame rate since you do not care much about capturing in-detail scenes. After this is setup, you can use the standard viewer on CameraFTP for playback, but for true condensed time lapse, this will need to be downloaded locally and played back separate from CameraFTP. 

Feel free to get back to us with any other questions. 



CameraFTP Support

4/26/2017 3:30:04 PM

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Subject: Re:time lapse

 We just recently supported a similar customer. In your case, you can order a plan as follows:

(1) Choose image recording plan;

(2) Choose customized plan;

(3) Select your image resolution. For construction project, most likely you need a plan of 1920x1080 or high, dependent on your requirement and camera capabilities.

(4) Choose upload frequency. You can select 1 image/1 min, or 1 image/15 min to lower the cost.

(5) Select a retention time. We can support up to 1 year retention. Longer retention is also possible, please contact us.

(6) Uncheck the motion detection checkbox.

4/26/2017 5:54:03 PM

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