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 I need setup my IP webcam to upload one picture every 30 or 60 seconds to your servers and  I like to show the last picture uploaded on my website, can be that possible? If yes which plan you recommend.

11/4/2016 2:56:36 PM

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Subject: Re: Display last camera picture on my website

I guess your question has two parts:

(1) To setup a webcam to upload images / videos to the cloud.

Yes, you can use CameraFTP Webcam Security Camera app (for Windows 10, 8 or 8.1) to upload images / videos to the cloud. 

You can also use CameraFTP Virtual Security System software to upload video clips to the cloud.

Of course you can also use other regular IP cameras if the camera supports FTP upload.


(2) To publish the camera and display the last image on your website. 

Yes, we support publishing cameras. Usually the camera will be published on CameraFTP website. You can get a Publish URL for other people to see the live view of your cameras. 

You can also display the last image on your website. It requires a little web development skill. For more detailed information, please read the CameraFTP Camera Publishing Manual below:


In general, camera publishing feature is already included in our standard service for no extra charge. You just need to visit and order a service plan. The pricing will be based on your recording parameters. ( In a very unusual situation that you have huge number of people viewing your cameras for an extended amount of time, then you will need to work out a special plan with us).



11/4/2016 4:30:44 PM

  • DHQ_purepense
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Subject: Re:Last picture on my website

I publish my camera using the iframe option but the picture never shows, the screen only has a message loading,
But it never stop, and idea what can be the issue?

11/6/2016 6:17:02 PM

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Subject: Re: Last picture on my website

Sorry for the late response. We have created a document about how to publish cameras and link it from other web pages. Please read the PDF document here:

In general, you should be able to easily embed an iFrame of our browser-based camera viewer; but you can also use a straight-forward way to get the latest image. As documented in the above PDF, you can use the following URL to get the latest image of your published camera:

Where XXX and YYY should be the same as in your camera’s Publish URL. (XXX is the camera folder ID; YYY is the camera's Publish ID. Note: You must publish a camera to get the camera's Publish URL).  For more info, please see the screenshot in the PDF.
With the above URL, you can write your own JavaScript to refresh the image automatically. (a sample script is provided in the PDF); you can also link to the above URL without automatically refreshing the image.  The above URL works for both Image-recording cameras and video-recording cameras.

2/23/2017 3:06:09 PM

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