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Trying to set my camera back up and I am getting this error message when I try to play back an event.  "The video could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported"

10/15/2016 4:16:03 PM

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Subject: Re:Help!! Please :-) (Play back Foscam camera footage)

I checked it and noticed that you have a Foscam camera. Foscam cameras are listed in our supported cameras page. However, there is one minor issue if you upload video clips. (If you upload image snapshots, everything should be fine).

Foscam cameras upload video clips in .MKV format, which is not supported by most web browsers. To play back the video clips, you can download CameraFTP Viewer app for Android and iOS; if you want to play back in browser, you must use Microsoft's Internet Explorer. You can also download the .MKV files using any FTP client software (e.g. using FileZilla), and play them using Windows Media Player or VLC Player.

Please note: Foscam cameras allow you to upload both image snapshots and video clips at the same time. However, you shall not upload both images and videos as it would require two camera licenses (one for the video recording plan and the other one for image recording plan). For more detailed information, please read the setup guide carefully:



10/15/2016 5:56:27 PM

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Subject: Re:Help!! Please :-)w

I have a prodigy dome camera serial number11110085 model number prd-polibv72810g can I connect wit site can't find it in ur site also if I can link to it can u guide mW how

12/19/2016 12:32:19 PM

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Subject: Re:Help!! Please :-)

Sorry we are not sure about it. There are too many camera brands and models that we cannot test all of them. If possible, please order a better supported models such as Wansview, D-link, Trendnet, Reolink, Foscam, etc.

If the camera is an IP (Network) camera, most likely it supports FTP and therefore is usually compatible with our service. Please read the generic camera setup guide at:

(or  (Videx  for image-recording cameras).

Please try to set it up by yourself. If you have any problems, please email us the screenshots of your camera's configuration screens. Our engineers can check it and hopefully they can find the problem.

If you can get support from your camera manufacturer, please definitely do so. It is easier for them to help you as they have your camera model, while we don't. They can easily sign up a free account to setup the service.


1/20/2017 2:51:21 PM

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