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I have a Jooan TC-734-4N-W-1T security camera kit.

I have an Apple Mac Pro Laptop.

Will you be able to help me set up the camera so I can use your service?

1/20/2017 1:22:54 PM

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Subject: Re:Camera Setup

There are too many camera manufacturers and camera models. As we do not make our own cameras, our goal is to make our service compatible with most IP cameras.

In general, we can only provide setup documentations and answer your questions. We listed a Jooan model.

You need to setup by yourself. If after following our setup guide, you still have trouble, please email us the screenshots of your camera's configuration pages. Our engineers can then take a look and they might be able to find a solution.

If you can get support from your camera manufacturer, please definitely do so. It is easier for the camera manufacturer to support you as they have the specific camera model, while we don't.  They can easily sign up a free trial account and test their camera with our service.

If you are a camera distributor, installer, CameraFTP reseller, or you plan to order a lot of camera licenses, please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to solve any problems you might have. 

Otherwise, you can also order a better supported camera model such as Wansview, D-Link, ReoLink, etc, or use a webcam (or old smartphone) as a security camera.

1/20/2017 2:40:10 PM

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