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 As instructed this is what I did

1.) Recipient: This apparently is not an important issue

2.) Sender: . My CameraFTP User Name is actually RNN_CKN_R2D2. As instructed I used only the first 3 letters. Also for the Camera Folder ID I used 3521795 as it was listed under the FTP Folder.

3.) Smtp Address:

4.) Port: 465

5.) I used the Camera FTP Account PW

When I save it I receive the following message "The smtp or the password is incorrect.

How do I get this thing working so I can have access through my iPad or my iPhone to the camera when I am traveling.

Thx in advance


11/2/2016 10:55:28 AM

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Subject: Re:GT Road P2P WiFiCamera Setup

 Thanks for reaching out to us, Nejo. 

It appears you were using the folder NAME of your camera in the area of the ID, when in fact these are two separate items. I can see that this point was not well documented on the email configuration instructions, as this is not a very popular method for configuring your camera. Anyway, the Folder ID can be found within the URL when you go to view a camera. The folder ID for your camea folder is 159799852. Please let us know if you have any continued difficulties after updating the ID portion of your configuration. 

CameraFTP Support

11/2/2016 11:16:21 AM

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