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 I have 3 Foscam cameras(FI09805W and 2 FI9900P) and i have  problem with those.Idon`t get any alarms from my cameras.

all settings should be correct.I use Cameraftp VSS to my pc.If i insert ftp setting to my cameras,then almost every uploaded video are corrupted or empty..MKV

What part i miss.?Please help

9/30/2016 1:08:47 PM

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Subject: Re:No motion alarm

 Thanks for reaching out to us, heikki1. Looking into your account, it actually appears that you are receiving notifications for motion events, as you can see within your event center: You can also use our mobile viewer application to schedule push notifications to your phone. 

Most Foscam cameras will limit video files to only MKV format, which is not supported by most browsers. This might give you the thinking that you are dealing with corrupt files when in fact they are just not being played correctly. That being said, sinc you're now using VSS, all video files are converted to .mp4 so they can easily be played-back on all web browsers/devices. Quickly testing your uploaded materials, I was indeed able to playback that content without any issue.

Please reach out to us directly at with more detailed information about where you are getting stuck so that we can support you through any misunderstandings; because everything with your account seemsto be fine.


Thank You,
CameraFTP Support 

9/30/2016 2:24:44 PM

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