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I keep getting motion detected on 2 seperate cameras a minute apart  with Motion turned off in the cameras

It is extremmly anoying  please help 

i have changed accounts  from video to image which i thought was causng the issue however nope still on going


5/7/2016 4:10:53 AM

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Subject: Re:Motion Detected on 2 seperate cameras every minute
You ordered a motion-triggered recording plan. In this case, by default, CameraFTP will send motion alerts to you via email.

You shall not turn off motion detection in your cameras if you ordered a motion triggered recording plan. Otherwise, if your cameras keep uploading data to CameraFTP, you will exceed your usage level and your account will be blocked.

To turn off motion alert emails, you can log on to, go to Account Options page, select "Never Send" in the drop-down box of "Minimum interval between 2 events".

To turn off motion alerts in CameraFTP Mobile Viewer apps, you can go to Account --> Settings and disable Push Notification.
Please note the events will still be generated in the event center. So you can check the events later.


5/10/2016 10:47:26 AM

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