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help me i m not recieving keylogger on my acount 

3/22/2011 1:12:57 PM

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Subject: Re:keylogger

In general, we don't welcome keylogger users. Keylogging is too often used by hackers to steal information from others.

As one of the largest FTP hosting service providers, we don't want our service being abused by a few bad users.

It is strictly prohibited using our FTP service with any keylogger software. DriveHQ has an automatic tool that detects keylogging activities. If it detects an account is using keylogging, it will automatically disable the account without warning

If you have a legitimate reason to use KeyLogging, then you must:

(1) Email us a copy of your credit card, or a valid photo ID (such as passport or driver's license); or if it is for business, you can also provide a business website URL.

(2) Provide a valid reason why you need to use Keylogging.


(3) Order a paid subscription.

Please note your account will be automatically disabled even if you have a paid subscription, unless you meet the above 3 requirements.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

6/19/2012 5:00:50 PM

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Subject: Re:keylogger - Recording screen, speaker and microphone is better than keyloggin...

If you have a legitimate reason to use Keylogger, we recommend using a better screen-recording software. You don't need to configure the FTP server information. Please visit: CameraFTP VSS Screen Recording Feature Page.

CameraFTP VSS (Virtual Security System) Software offers very powerful screen-recording features. It can record screen and audio from speaker and microphone. 

It can be used to:


The screenshot below shows CameraFTP Virtual Security System (VSS) software recording the screen and the audio. You can hide the VSS GUI so that it does not record itself. For more info about VSS, please visit VSS Software Download Page.

Screen Recording with audio

11/10/2020 1:19:43 AM

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