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Welcome to Drive Headquarters Online Help. DriveHQ.com is the leading "Online Storage, Sharing & Collaboration", "Online Backup", "FTP Server Hosting" and "Web / Email Server Hosting" Service provider. If you are new to DriveHQ.com, you will notice that DriveHQ service is unlike any other cheap / free services. We offer lots of the best quality features, services and client software designed to replace your File Server, FTP Server, Email Server and backup systems. Not only our services can save you a lot of money, but also they are better than your local systems. Our services / features include:

Online File Storage, accessible with any web browser, DriveHQ client software or any FTP software

You can share and access your files from anywhere.

You can store any types of files online; there is no size limit.

DriveHQ offers great web-based tool for managing your files / folders; moreover, you can use DriveHQ FileManager to manage your files. It works just like Windows Explorer.

Automatic File / Email Backup; Folder Synchronization; Backup / Sync Multiple PCs;

You can easily backup your files / emails automatically;

You can synchronize folders among local & remote, multiple PCs or multiple user accounts.

Share Different Folders to Different Users with Different Permissions; Share Any Size Files / Folders

You can easily share folders / files on DriveHQ; you can share different folders to different users with different permissions; you can share the same folder to different users with different permissions (just use different share names); you can edit / delete existing shares.

Your friends / clients can access the shared folders /files through a web browser, DriveHQ FileManager or any FTP client software. Just click on the Share Link, or log on and go to the "DriveHQ Share" virtual folder.

Group Account service for Businesses; the service is free and offers free 1 sub-user license;

You can easily create / add / edit / delete / disable sub-users; all sub-users are treated as premium users if you order our paid service.

You can allocate storage space and download bytes quota to sub-users. It will reduce your own account storage space and download bytes.

You can also create folders in your own account and share different folders to different users and set different levels of access rights.

Website Publishing & Folder / File Publishing

"Publish" feature now requires a True Account or Paid Account. Only verifiable users who agree to our service agreement can publish folders or websites.

To publish a folder on DriveHQ.com, just select a folder and click on Publish (using www.drivehq.com website, or better using DriveHQ FileManager client software). Once a folder is published, you can use the Publish URL(s) to link to the folder and files in it. Any user can access the URL(s); no longer is required.

You can also publish your website on DriveHQ.com. No domain registration is required; you automatically get a sub-domain name: https://USERNAME.firstcloudit.com/; you just need to upload your web files to the \wwwhome folder. If you have a paid account, it is automatically activated. Otherwise, you can logon www.drivehq.com, go to My Storage--> Publish --> Publish My Website. Disable and Re-enable your website.

SMTP/POP3/IMAP/Web email

Due to outrageous service abuse, DriveHQ free email service has added a lot of restrictions. The free service is for demo purpose only. For business purpose or for serious use, you must upgrade to a paid account.

You automatically get an email account when you sign up DriveHQ.com and order a service. The email service is designed for business use. Our free email service has a lot of restrictions and cannot be used to send many emails.

You can create your online address book and addresses can be grouped into Contact Groups.

You can use Outlook, Outlook Express or any email client software or DriveHQ webmail to access your DriveHQ email account.

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