Pandora Mail

Version: 2.7.4


Pandora Mail is Windows desktop e-mail client used to access POP3/IMAP mailboxes and to send mail via standard SMTP protocol. Key features include:

• Multiple-windows interface with tabbed taskbar.
• Multitasking - Simultaneously compose/download messages.
• Full Unicode support.
• Quick message browsing with keyboard shortcuts.
• Full HTML support for message formatting. Plain text format is supported as well.
• Formatting tokens for quick application of HTML styles.
• Attachments can be stored as files, or as MIME embedded entities inside the messages/mailboxes.
• Attachments can be removed from, or added to, received messages manually.
• Messages can be edited upon reception.
• Editable Subject-field that can be used for annotations. Original message subject can be restored at any time.
• Standardized (UNIX-compatible), non-proprietary, mailbox and address-book formats (mbox/vCards).
• Upon composition, message-draft can be sent immediately or queued for sending at a later time.
• FCC feature for sent messages.
• Powerful search engine.
• Encrypted password storage, authentication and protocols.
• Single set of system mailboxes for multiple accounts.
• Mailbox summaries can be customized per mailbox basis.
• Use stationery, signatures and text-macros to enhance and speedup message composing.
• Periodically check accounts for new mail/send queued messages.
• Save full messages as (MIME-formatted) files.
• Save message parts (text entities and attachments) as individual files.


Pandora Mail is a shareware program. This means that you can use it with the limited set of features for free (Demo-Mode), or register the program and gain the access to the full set of features (Full-Mode).

To order the full version, please follow the link below:

Order Single User License via ShareIt

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